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Malvin Artley Sunrise over Sydney - 2005
Malvin Artley Getting on With our Spiritual Lives - 2006
Malvin Artley Each One of Us is a Buddha - 2007
Malvin Artley The Path of the Perfection of Wisdom - 2009
Joann Bakula Wesak: a Festival of Unity and Synthesis - 2005
Joann Bakula Direct Perception and its Distortion - 2006
Joann Bakula The Forces of Enlightenment - 2007
Joann Bakula The Path of Revelation to Earth - 2008
Joann Bakula Samadhi, the High Interlude of Being and Freedom - 2008
Joann Bakula The Will to Consciously Evolve - 2009
Joann Bakula The Wesak Pilgrimage and the Journey Within - 2010
Joann Bakula A New Equality - 2011
Joann Bakula Wesak, the Day of Buddha's Blessing - 2012
Joann Bakula Rivers of Light - 2013
Joann Bakula Opening the Wisdom Eye - 2014
Joann Bakula One Breath, One Life? - 2015
Joann Bakula The Sense of Synthesis - 2016
Joann Bakula Thoughts on the Energy of Will - 2017
Trevor Leese The Opening of the Eye of Light - 2005
Trevor Leese Riding the Bull Called Desire - 2006
Trevor Leese A Donor of Light - 2007
Trevor Leese Achieving the Will to See the Light - 2008
Trevor Leese The Threefold Opportunity of the New Age - 2008
Phillip Lindsay Wesak, The New Papacy and the Catholic Church - 2005
Glenys Lowery The Odour of the Human Flowers - 2005
Bruce Lyon Wesak and the Light of Life - 2006
Steve Nation The Light of Loving Kindness and the Will to Love - 2005
Steve Nation Bringing Light into Dark Places - 2006
Steve Nation Calling for the Light - 2007
Steve Nation Light and the Eye of Revelation in a Time of Reorientation - 2008
Steve Nation A Wesak Blessing - 2009
Steve Nation There is a Legend of a Secret valley - 2010
Steve Nation Light in a Multi Dimensional World - 2011
Steve Nation Remembering Humanity and its Need - 2012
Steve Nation The Wesak Festival: An Inner Mythical Event With Its Physical Counterpart in the Tibetan Saga Dawa Festival - 2013
Steve Nation Wesak as the Supreme Festival of Light and Enlightenment - 2014
Steve Nation Light in a Multi Dimensional World - 2015
Michelle Pearce The Eye and the Light: Their Esoteric Significance - 2008
Michelle Pearce The Marriage of Light and love Within the Human Mind - 2009
Michelle Pearce Emergence and Transformation: Wesak, Taurus, the Buddha, and the Seventh Ray - 2010
Barbara Valocore The Lighted Eye of the Bull of God - 2008

Please feel free to use and distribute the commentaries and other resources on this website. All we ask is that you use them in their entirety and retain a note regarding the authorship. If you wish to use extracts only, please contact us first.