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Malvin Artley The Triumph of the Soul Through Scorpio - 2004
Malvin Artley Beyond Thunderdome: The Life and Times of Scorpio - 2005
Malvin Artley Days of Sunshine and Roses - 2006
Joann Bakula World Service Meditation in Sedona - 2004
Joann Bakula Battlefield Earth - 2005
Joann Bakula From Bullying to Brotherhood - 2006
Joann Bakula Victories in the School of Human Life - 2007
Joann Bakula The Appearance of Avatars - 2008
Joann Bakula Dreams, Symbols and Mandalas - 2012
Joann Bakula Toward an Age of Light - 2014
Joann Bakula Humanity Emerging From I to We: The Cycle of Conferences - 2015
Joann Bakula The Battle for Truth and Memory - 2017
Tom Carney The Next Step - 2005
Tom Carney Courage to Defend the Highest - 2006
Trevor Leese The Terrible Struggle of the Demigods - 2004
Trevor Leese The Transformation of the Beast Within - 2005
Trevor Leese The Battle Over The Lower Nature - 2006
Trevor Leese The Heart of Humanity is Sound - 2007
Glenys Lowery Thanks for the Memories - 2004
Glenys Lowery Tears of the Phoenix - 2005
Susan MacNeil The Spirit of relationship - 2010
Steve Nation The Sting of Life - 2004
Steve Nation Why the Scorpion? - 2005
Steve Nation The Triumph of Quiet Persistence - 2006
Steve Nation Warriors of Compassion and Insight - 2007
Steve Nation Crises Leading to Reorientation - 2008
Michelle Pearce Emerging Triumphant - 2007
Michelle Pearce Fighting For the Future through Love - 2008

Please feel free to use and distribute the commentaries and other resources on this website. All we ask is that you use them in their entirety and retain a note regarding the authorship. If you wish to use extracts only, please contact us first.