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Malvin Artley Thanksgiving at Aunt Mary's - 2004
Malvin Artley The Bluebird of Happiness - 2005
Malvin Artley Where Fortune Smiles - 2006
Malvin Artley Wandering in the Great Void - 2010
Joann S. Bakula Sagittarius 2004 letter: Keyword: Direction - 2004
Joann S. Bakula Direction, Vision and Language - 2005
Joann S. Bakula What Direction Home? - 2006
Joann S. Bakula Who's Directing our Direction? - 2007
Joann S. Bakula A New 7th Ray Aquarian Age Universal Planetary Ritual for All - 2008
Joann S. Bakula Compassion - 2009
Joann S. Bakula Let Light Descend on Earth - 2010
Joann S. Bakula Knowing and Unknowing - 2012
Joann S. Bakula A Way Out - 2014
Joann S. Bakula Subjective and Universal Truths - 2015 Joann S. Bakula The Simplicity of Beauty - 2016 Joann S. Bakula A Plan for Achieving Goals Inner and Outer - 2017
Tom Carney The New Sagittarian - 2006
Trevor Leese Following the Arrow of Freedom - 2004
Trevor Leese Follow the Arrow of Freedom - 2005
Trevor Leese The Vision of a Spiritual Peak - 2006
Phillip Lindsay Sagittarius: The Sound of Silence - 2004
Glenys Lowery Riders on the Storm - 2004
Glenys Lowery Getting Ready for Dinner - 2005
Steve Nation Purpose, Direction and the Within-ness of Things - 2004
Steve Nation Looking into the Face of the Archer - 2006
Steve Nation An Image Changes: First Centaur, then Archer, now Bow and Arrow - 2007
Steve Nation Seeing Through the Eyes of the Archer - 2008
Steve Nation Purpose, Intuition and Copenhagen - 2009
Steve Nation The Arrow that Returns - 2010
Steve Nation Orientation - 2011
Steve Nation Seeing the Archer with the Drawn Bow and the Arrow Poised - 2014
Steve Nation Paris and the Shaken Heart of Humanity - 2015
Steve Nation A Beam of Directed Focused Light - 2017
Michelle Pearce The Goal and the Team - 2007
Michelle Pearce The Critical Time and Spiritual Creativity - 2011
Michelle Pearce Spiritual Direction, Silence, and Unity through Diversity - 2012
Barbara Valocore Setting Goals for the Plan of God - 2006
Barbara Valocore The Arrow of Direction; Seeing with the Intuition - 2012
Barbara Valocore Inner Sight in Rough Waters - 2016

Please feel free to use and distribute the commentaries and other resources on this website. All we ask is that you use them in their entirety and retain a note regarding the authorship. If you wish to use extracts only, please contact us first.