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Malvin Artley The Festival of Government - 2004
Malvin Artley Adventures with the Lama - 2005
Malvin Artley "Give unto Caesar" - 2006
Malvin Artley Leo, China and the Festival of Sirius - 2008
Malvin Artley Cancer, Leo and the 3 Eclipses - 2009
Joann Bakula Synthesis and Identification - 2005
Joann Bakula The Sun and God of Fire - 2007
Joann Bakula The Olympics and Sport as World Service - 2008
Joann Bakula Leo as Constellation, World Disciple and Metaphor - 2009
Joann Bakula Earth Mind, Sun Mind, Sky Mind - 2010
Joann Bakula Individual Worth - 2012
Joann Bakula One Humanity Made of Sovereign Selves - 2013
Joann Bakula One Humanity Made of Sovereign Souls - 2013
Joann Bakula The Inner Sun - 2014
Joann Bakula Sensitivity to Independence, the Platform of Interdependence - 2015
Joann Bakula Sensitivity and its Opposite - 2016
Joann Bakula Group Meditation and Service - 2017
Brad Berg Once Upon a Time - 2007
Tom Carney The Lions Last Roar - 2006
Trevor Leese Humanity's Task - 2005
Trevor Leese A Higher State Of Being - 2006
Trevor Leese A Changing Consciousness - 2007
Glenys Lowery The Sensitivity of the Disciple - 2004
Glenys Lowery Everything the Light Touches - 2005
Steve Nation The Evolution of the Sense of Self - 2005
Steve Nation Leo and the Freedom Quest - 2006
Steve Nation Frederick Franck, Nelson Mandela, Madonna and the Leo Spirit - 2007
Steve Nation On the Evolutionary Self and the Delights of Beijing 2008 - 2008
Steve Nation The Lion that Roars - 2009
Steve Nation From Selfishness to Self-forgetfulness: Taking the Self Seriously - 2010
Steve Nation Group Fusion - 2011
Steve Nation Leo Types and the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics - 2012
Steve Nation Sesitivity to the Soul - 2013
Steve Nation Group Fusion - 2014
Steve Nation The Universal Self - 2016
Michelle Pearce Courage, Strength and Striving - 2007
Michelle Pearce Humanity the Divine Disciple, Individual and Group - 2009
Michelle Pearce The Beauty, Power, and Significance of Individuality - 2010
Michelle Pearce The Lion of Self Assertion in Aquarius: Advanced Humanity and Disciples Working For Unity - 2011
Michelle Pearce Working with the Back and Front Door of the Mind in Leo - 2012
Michelle Pearce Power and the Sound of the Soul - 2013
Barbara Valocore Leo, The Heart of Compassion - 2015
Barbara Valocore Leo, the Fire of the Soul - 2017

Please feel free to use and distribute the commentaries and other resources on this website. All we ask is that you use them in their entirety and retain a note regarding the authorship. If you wish to use extracts only, please contact us first.