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Malvin Artley Just Another Lazy Saturday - 2005
Malvin Artley A Gemini Letter - 2008
Malvin Artley Subtle Analysis and the Secret of Duality - 2009
Malvin Artley Trimming the Fat - 2011
Joann S. Bakula The Festival of Humanity: Toward a New Fusion - 2005
Joann S. Bakula "Be a Lamp unto Yourself" - 2006
Joann S. Bakula Inspired Reconstruction - 2007
Joann S. Bakula Toward A New Culture of Unity, Integration and World Wisdom - 2008
Joann S. Bakula The Will to Know Purpose and Plan - 2009
Joann S. Bakula The Avatar of Synthesis - 2010
Joann S. Bakula Five Energies of the Heart and Social Evolution - 2011
Joann S. Bakula Building an Enlightened Society: Humanity's Task - 2012
Joann S. Bakula The Power of Growth - 2013
Joann S. Bakula The Basic Goodwill Inherent in Humanity and Every Human - 2014
Joann S. Bakula Letting in the Light - 2015
Joann S. Bakula Enlightened Leadership - 2016
Joann S. Bakula Paths of Synthesis: Wave and Particle - 2016
Joann S. Bakula The Will-to-Good of Humanity - 2017
Tom Carney Wheels Within Wheels - 2006
Tom Carney US II - 2007
Trevor Leese True Wisdom is Gained Through the Path of Service - 2005
Trevor Leese The Journey Towards Abundant Life - 2006
Trevor Leese Towards the Union of Spirit and Matter - 2007
Trevor Leese The Creation of the Synthesis of Opposites - 2008
Phillip Lindsay Meditation, Speech & The Pentecost, United Nations - 2005
Phillip Lindsay The Gemini Christ - 2006
Glenys Lowery Love Is In the Air - 2005
Jan Nation Invocation for the Common Good - 2008
Susan MacNeill Gemini and Relationship: Love in Action - 2013
Steve Nation Please Close Your Eyes So You can See More Clearly - 2005
Steve Nation World Invocation Day - Why Gemini? - 2006
Steve Nation The Planetary Meditation of Our Time - 2007
Steve Nation Why is Invocation so Important? - 2009
Steve Nation Let us Ponder the Quality of Activity - 2011 & 2012
Steve Nation Stepping in to the Group Mind on World Invocation Day - 2013
Steve Nation Duality Draws Forth A Natural Will to Love - 2014
Steve Nation World Invocation Day : Why Gemini? - 2015
Steve Nation Christ's Own Unique Festival is Also Humanity's Festival - 2017
Sydney Goodwill World Invocation Day - 2011
Michelle Pearce Occult Meditation at the Third Spiritual Festival - 2007
Michelle Pearce Fusion of the Human and the Divine - 2008
Michelle Pearce The Christ's Festival of Unity - 2010
Michelle Pearce Higher Spiritual Service at the High Point of the Spiritual Year:Working with the Christ to Invoke Shamballa - 2011
Michelle Pearce The Bridge of Light and The Christ Body - 2012
Barbara Valocore Gemini Celebration - 2005
Barbara Valocore Invoking the Heart of Love - 2007
Barbara Valocore From Instability to Synthesis - 2016

Please feel free to use and distribute the commentaries and other resources on this website. All we ask is that you use them in their entirety and retain a note regarding the authorship. If you wish to use extracts only, please contact us first.