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Malvin Artley At the Threshold of A Dream - 2004
Malvin Artley Just for Today - 2006
Malvin Artley Capricorn and Life on the Farm- 2007
Malvin Artley Capricorn, the Story of Scrooge and the Wizard of Menlo Park- 2009
Malvin Artley Life is a Laughing Matter- 2009
Malvin Artley Guarding the Secret to the Light Supernal- 2011
Joann Bakula The Mountain and the Rock - 2004
Joann Bakula Mountain and Valley - 2006
Joann Bakula Allegories of the Evolutionary Way of Light - 2007
Joann Bakula Summiting the Peak Inside - 2007
Joann Bakula The Incoming New Energy - 2009
Joann Bakula Out of the Darkness, Comes the Light - 2009
Joann Bakula Invoking Light for World Service - 2011
Joann Bakula Myths, Rivers and Cycles - 2012
Joann Bakula The Tree of Living Lights - 2012
Joann Bakula The Power of Meditation - 2014
Joann Bakula Light on the Summit - 2015
Joann Bakula Mastering the Mountains, Outer and Inner - 2015
Joann Bakula Belongingness and Identification - 2017
Joann Bakula Humanity's Creative Work: Building a New Civilization - 2018
Trevor Leese We Are Cerberus The Beast Of Hell, We Are Prometheus The Child Of God - 2004
Trevor Leese The Secret of the Hidden Glory - 2006
Trevor Leese Eye of Light - 2007
Trevor Leese An Evolutionary Goal for Mankind - 2007
Phillip Lindsay Capricorn Solstice and Full Moon - 2004
Glenys Lowery Joyful and Triumphant - 2004
Jan Nation Blindness, Initiation & Light Supernal - 2007
Jan Nation Initiation, Extremes and Turning Points - 2007
Jan Nation Capricorn, Europe and the Master Rakoczi - Looking at the World in 1990 - 2009
Jan Nation Ambition, Impersonality and the Mountain Top Experience - 2009
Jan Nation Ambition, Impersonality and the Mountain Top Experience - 2015
Steve Nation The Mystery of the Mountain Top - 2004
Steve Nation The Earthly Image of the Mountain Goat - 2006
Steve Nation Group Meditation - 2011
Steve Nation Working from Inside out - 2012
Steve Nation Initiation, Light Supernal and the Crisis of Our Time - 2017
Michelle Pearce Learning to Face in the Same Direction as the Light Supernal - 2007
Michelle Pearce Human Crises, Light, and The Spiritual Warrior - 2009
Michelle Pearce Selfless Service: Participation in Dual Solar Activity and Flow - 2009
Michelle Pearce Light Supernal and Light Human - 2011
Michelle Pearce The Triumph of the Christ Life - 2012
Barbara Valocore Climbing the Inner Mountain - 2015

Please feel free to use and distribute the commentaries and other resources on this website. All we ask is that you use them in their entirety and retain a note regarding the authorship. If you wish to use extracts only, please contact us first.