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Malvin Artley The Festival of the Ashram - June 2005
Malvin Artley Mio Bambino Cara - June 2005
Malvin Artley On Butterflies' Wings - July 2005
Malvin Artley Heart and Hearth - July 2006
Malvin Artley Just Be in the Moment - July 2008
Malvin Artley Cancer, Leo and the 3 Eclipses - August 2009
Malvin Artley Astrological Reflections on the Gulf Oil Disaster & Australian Politics - July 2010
Joann Bakula House of Light - June 2005
Joann Bakula Time and the New Materialism - July 2005
Joann Bakula Rooms in the House Of Humanity - July 2006
Joann Bakula The Lotus and the Rose - June 2007
Joann Bakula The Etheric Planet: 5 Inlets for the Sea of Energies - July 2008
Joann Bakula The House of Sound - July 2009
Joann Bakula Cyclic Existence, or the House of Samsara - July 2010
Joann Bakula The Heart of the City - July 2011
Joann Bakula All for Everything Forever - July 2012
Joann Bakula Building a Culture of Peace - June 2013
Joann Bakula Mind and Brain - July 2014
Joann Bakula Building Humanity's Habitat Mindful of Environment - July 2015
Joann Bakula Foundation and Sovereignty - July 2016
Trevor Leese The Beginning of the Development of Human Consciousness - June 2005
Trevor Leese A Developing Consciousness - July 2005
Trevor Leese A Doorway Into Complete Understanding - July 2006
Phillip Lindsay Cancer Blue Moon 2005 - July 2005
Phillip Lindsay Cancer Full Moon 2006 - July 2006
Glenys Lowery Sea of Glass I - June 2005
Glenys Lowery Sea of Glass II - June 2005
Glenys Lowery For the Love of Humanity - July 2006
Steve Nation A Simple Story of a Golden Doe - June 2005
Steve Nation Meditation Within the Cave of the Collective July - July 2005
Steve Nation Diving into Incarnation - July 2006
Steve Nation Lighted Foundations for All - June 2007
Steve Nation A Time of Preparation - July 2008
Steve Nation Climate Change and the Lighted House - July 2009
Steve Nation Now is the Time to Work - July 2010
Steve Nation Building a Lighted House requires that we Attend to the Soul - July 2011
Steve Nation The Spirit of God : Builder of the Lighted House - July 2012
Steve Nation Building a Lighted House Requires that we Attend to the Soul - July 2014
Steve Nation Now is the Time to Work - July 2015
Michelle Pearce The Service of Intuition - June 2007
Michelle Pearce Creation of Light Through Synthesis - July 2008
Michelle Pearce The House That Love Built - July 2009
Michelle Pearce Transforming Mass Consciousness: Working with the Energies of Cancer and the Cardinal Cosmic Cross - July 2010
Michelle Pearce Humanity as the Self-Aware House of Divinity That Builds Itself - July 2011
Michelle Pearce Building the House and Turning on the Lights - June 2013

Please feel free to use and distribute the commentaries and other resources on this website. All we ask is that you use them in their entirety and retain a note regarding the authorship. If you wish to use extracts only, please contact us first.