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The Role of the Divine Feminine Today

Glenys Lowery
Virgo 2004

The keynote is

< I am the Mother and the child; I God, I Matter am >

At this full moon we are working with the energies that are impacting on the planet from the constellation of Virgo.

The ancient wisdom teachings tell us that Virgo is one of the most important signs of the zodiac because it symbolises the entire goal of evolutionary development on this planet i.e. "to shield, nurture and finally reveal the hidden Spiritual reality"(1) which lies in every form. Humanity has the special task of revealing this reality and understanding and appropriating the energy of Virgo helps us do this.

As you undoubtedly know, Virgo represents the Mother who nurtures growth by providing the form or vessel for the seed and then providing an environment of darkness, quiet, and warmth, until it is time for the seed to bear fruit in the full light of day. This light is provided by the Father and together they create the new life, their child.

Virgo reminds us of the importance of Matter in our evolution. In the Age of Pisces, people were encouraged to disdain Matter from which form came as the two polarities of Father and Mother or Spirit and Matter were not only separated but seen to be in conflict with one another. This was symbolised by the symbol for Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions and the whole age was about the opposites in conflict: ideology against ideology, nation against nation, brother against brother, man against woman, and the conscious mind against the unconscious. This was a necessary development in our evolution as the concrete, rational intellect attempted to impose its will upon an unyielding nature but one of the results was the marginalisation of the feminine as it was regarded as opposing the male aspect which was seen to be all important by the patriarchy that also developed at the time. As we know, this gave rise to all sorts of imbalances which will be rectified in the incoming Age of Aquarius.

Virgo, the Divine Mother symbolises the importance of the role of the form as it anchors divinity into time and space in the forms it has created to fulfil the purpose of the Father. In order to understand this, let’s backtrack a little.

In the beginning, there was only one thing (which was everything and nothing) which we will call Deity. In Eastern philosophy, this Deity is called Parabrahma meaning "Beyond God" and in esoteric literature it is referred to as the One About Whom Naught May Be Said (OAWNMBS). And it is true, there is nothing we can say about it that would be helpful (‘the tongue can only soil it’).

The Deity, for purposes on which we can only speculate, multiplied itself into two – known as the Father and Mother aspects.

In terms of creation, the Father aspect represents the positive pole, Spirit, Divine Will and Purpose, the first person of the trinity, while the Mother represents the negative pole, Matter, Divine Intelligence, and the third person of the trinity. So Spirit and Matter are seen as two aspects or polarities of the same energy, that of the originating Deity, or in the words of H. P. Blavatsky "Matter is Spirit at its lowest point of manifestation and Spirit is Matter at its highest". The third aspect was created by the relationship between the Mother and Father and has become known as the Son/Daughter, consciousness, Divine love, and the magnetic field that is created from the interplay of the positive and negative aspects.

So expressing it in very basic terms, the Father knows Purpose but does not have the Intelligence to implement it while the Mother has Intelligence but does not know the Purpose. So they need each other to create and as they come together their interaction gives rise to a place where consciousness can gestate and the Divine Child is born.

Both the Mother and Father have a memory of their original condition of Oneness which makes them want to relate to each other in an attempt to recreate this Oneness. That is why relationship is the essence of evolution and our degree of consciousness is a reflection of our ability to relate to life in all its forms.

This dynamic between the Father and Mother aspects has been enshrined in our mythology, ritual and religion from time immemorial. As Quinn a teacher in the book, Raising the Queen of Heaven by Glen Knape(2) says, "The ancient mysteries are teachings that present Spiritual Truth in symbolic ritual and allegorical tales. Those teachings have always been available to humanity, through popular myth, public rites, and hidden rituals.

"Each version of the hidden rituals was also designed for a particular time and place. The hidden rituals interpreted the Path of Spiritual growth and development into a symbolic experience, and started seekers on the quest of that Path.

"There was never, nor could there be, a single ‘correct’ interpretation of the Spiritual Path. It was, is, and must be, re-interpreted in every time and place, by every people, and by every group and individual who walks it.

"However, during the last age this basic truth was forgotten by many. Religious intolerance in the West drove the mysteries underground. The path of initiation became furtive and secret, hidden from everyone but the elect. Thus hidden, the fragments of mysteries that remained were gradually colored with the patriarchal views of the times.

"The resulting over-emphasis on The Divine Father and ‘His’ Son obscured the reality of The Divine Mother and ‘Her’ Daughter, formerly symbolized in the more balanced myths, rites, and rituals of the ancient mysteries.

"Both the Divine Mother and the Divine Daughter were veiled, diminished, and distorted…………"

The Mother is the custodian of the memory of the original Oneness of Parabrahma and will not support the Father in his objectives until he first establishes right relationship with her. In recent history, this demand has been given voice in the Woman’s Movement and the move to return to the matriarchal religions of the past. But, of course, the answer to the imbalances of the past is not to swing to yet another polarity and the incoming Age of Aquarius will see a union of opposites in a spirit of oneness, harmony and co-operation. This union will include the Mother and Father aspects of the trinity entering into right relationship with each other which will cause the Divine Child to grow in consciousness and further unite the Mother and Father.

The result will be that the Divine Feminine, the Mother, is restored to her rightful place as the Holy Spirit, Sophia, Divine Wisdom. She will be honoured in all her multifaceted expressions, including her role as the "emanator of energies which nourish and aid the growth of the Christ consciousness"(3).

Of course, this is not about gender. Men need to relate to the third aspect of divinity just as much as women, and in many respects they have been the ones who have suffered most from the imbalances of the past. How could the growing consciousness within them come to fruition if they were encouraged to think that which nurtured the consciousness was evil or inferior in some way? Men have recognised this in recent years and have attempted to discover their "feminine side" in order to redress the imbalance, which in turn, has created further problems. And so the pendulum swings until it will find its resting place when both men and women understand and appreciate their respective roles which, even though existing in juxtaposition to each other, spring from a single source. As the Mother and Father aspects which exist in mutual and eternal relationship come together in even closer and balanced relationship in the coming age, so will the child they produce, the Christ, the Divine Son/Daughter, also grow so that It becomes a perfect reflection of the combined energies and essence of the parents. Thus the positive (Divine Will) and negative (Divine Intelligence) poles of creation will be balanced and out of the magnetic field that is created as a result of this interplay, the Son/Daughter (Divine Love/Consciousness) which has been hidden in the Mother will mature so that the true meaning of Virgo can be expressed, "Christ in you, the hope of glory".

A new mythology to reflect the state of balance will be devised (discussed in Raising the Queen of Heaven), a new world religion where humanity itself will be the temple will be established, and a new kingdom, the kingdom of God which has been hidden by the Mother in the "womb of time", will appear. Then the travails of the Mother will be over and she can enjoy the fruits of her labour at last. Until then "creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed"(4).

In the meantime, we can hasten that time by assisting our divine parents to draw into right relationship by expanding our consciousness so that we embody and manifest a "full measure of the stature of Christ"(5) to enable us to express the divine nature which we have inherited from both parents. That is our high calling and one which the Mother reveals to her children.

May we all experience the love and nurturing of both of our divine parents this full moon and experience at our deepest levels our Oneness with each other and all creation.

(1) Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey, Lucis Press
(2) Raising the Queen of Heaven by Glen Knape is scheduled to be published in 2004. In the book Knape explores the place of the Great Goddess in the path of Spiritual growth and development and reveals the balanced relationship we must have with the Tetrad of Divine Mother, Daughter, Father, and Son if we are to discover our true identity and take up our purpose, place and function within the One Life.
For further information contact the author at
(3) Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey, Lucis Press
(4) Romans 8:19 NIV
(5) Ephesians 4:13 NIV


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