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The Rule of Law

By Glenys Lowery

Libra 2004

The keynote is

<I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force>

The purpose of full moon commentaries which are designed to precede the full moon meditation is to help unite and integrate the group mind. As disciples focus together on the mental plane and build thoughtforms which embody or anchor the subjective energies available at this time, they are working with mental substance and seeding the mental plane from which all intelligent, thinking people draw inspiration. So this is indeed a group service. It is selfless, self-forgetful work carried out not for personal illumination but for the lifting of humanity.

At this full moon we are working with the energies that are impacting on the planet from the constellation of Libra.

The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul (D.K), tells us that Libra governs the legal profession and legislation and this is exemplified by the Keynote for Libra, "I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force" which conjures the image of Justice, blindfolded, and holding the scales of justice perfectly balanced. On first consideration, it may seem amazing that potent spiritual energies can govern a sector of society that seems so imperfect as we are subject to laws, some might say, "against everything". Yet despite these laws and the apparent sacrifice of freedom we endure because of them, crime and lawlessness are increasing and the law is becoming increasingly separated from justice. The Tibetan helps us understand the reason for this when he notes that laws and legislation have been engrossed with generating attitudes of fear and punishment, but that as humanity matures, a new approach is required. "The law must become the custodian of a positive righteousness and not simply an instrument of enforcement." ("Esoteric Healing")

As one ponders the phrase, "positive righteousness" one cannot help but think of the "agents of righteousness" spoken of by D.K, those enlightened souls who will bring healing to the nations under the banner of the Sun/Son of Righteousness, the Christ. These are disciples who have a knowledge and understanding of Divine Law which provides the idea on which all manifestations of law are based. Divine Law is the underlying pattern which the planetary or solar life uses to govern or order its evolution, i.e., its purpose. D.K embellished the definition in "Esoteric Healing":

"I would here remind you that a law is in reality the effect of the life of a greater entity as it encloses a lesser within its living processes. It embodies that formulated purpose or organised will of an enfolding life, against which the expressed purpose or determined will of that which is enfolded is entirely helpless. You might argue, brother of mine, that this statement negates the freewill of the individual unit thus enclosed or enfolded. It assuredly does militate against the form aspect of manifestation - that aspect, for instance, of which a human being is pre-eminently conscious. Therefore, this relationship of the higher or greater and the lower or lesser, will equally and assuredly dominate and eventually render futile the lesser laws of the form nature, those which today are called the laws of nature."

Everyone has a world view based on their knowledge of reality. They also have a life view concerning the consciousness aspect of existence which is the sum total of their attitude to life, its meaning and purpose, and their views about humanity. While everyone differs in their life view based on their knowledge and level of development, there is one common thread in all life views and that is an awareness of the laws of life which everyone applies according to their understanding of life.

More often than not people's understanding and knowledge is distorted because of their lack of consciousness. But as they evolve, they learn about the Divine Law which gives them insights into the reality behind all life. With increasing knowledge, they also obtain greater power to make changes for good as before one can say how things ought to be, one has to know how things are. They learn that Divine Law is not restrictive but rather grants them more freedom to solve their problems in a rational way. They learn that they, life, and the Law are one.

As all creation is based on Divine Law, conformity to the law is a precondition of the existence of life. In the beginning, before God created the heavens and the earth, "the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." That is, there was chaos, arbitrariness and lawlessness as Divine Law and Order was not present. "And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light." God's Word, the Law, was established (quotes from Genesis Ch 1). While all else may change in our lives, the law of God is immutable, impersonal and utterly dependable; it "endureth forever". This, in itself, gives us tremendous freedom. While it may appear cold and hard, it is true, just and incorruptible and it urges us homeward. On this point, one is reminded of the quote by Norman Mailer, "there was that law of life, so cruel and so just, that one must grow or else pay more for remaining the same".

As we grow in consciousness and our understanding of reality, our understanding of Divine Law also grows. This increases our confidence in life and the wisdom of the law, and our sense of helplessness and victimhood diminishes as we shape and control our lives more and more and become causes rather than effects. We become one with the law and as we grow in self-knowledge we automatically liberate ourselves from our illusions, ignorance, dramas and fictions and we learn to let reality govern our every thought, and truth become the master of our lives.

Different commentators use different terminology for the various laws but really there is only one law from which all others are derived and on which the immutability of all law depends. It is called various names such as the law of balance, harmony, restoration, or stability.

Laws associated it with include:

  • The causal law, or the law of causality - if all conditions are present, then a certain course of events follows inevitably; that given causes have their bases in manifested forces; that the effect, or event, is a result of a great number of forces.
  • The law of reaping and sowing.
  • The law of development - a law of purpose or finality. It says that all life, from the lowest to the highest, develops; that forces act in certain ways towards certain ends. Every primordial atom is a potential god and will some time, through the process of manifestation, become an actual god.
  • The law of form - every form of life is adapted to the stage of development of its indwelling life, that each higher kind of consciousness requires a higher form of life, a more purposive possibility of acquiring increased consciousness.
  • The law of transformation - the form of life constantly changes and dissolves only to be renewed.
  • The law of re-formation - every being, when its form is renewed, receives a similar form of life, until its consciousness expansion requires a specifically different higher form.
  • The law of destiny - indicates what forces are to influence the individual in each form of life with respect to the need of his individual character for necessary experiences and to its endeavour to acquire the requisite qualities and abilities.
  • The law of freedom - every being is its own freedom and its own law; that freedom is gained through law. Freedom is the right to individual character and to activity within the limits of the equality of all.
  • The law of separation, or isolation - every being must - in order to develop the self-reliance and self-determination of individual character - become conscious of itself as something separate from everything else. The human stage marks that phase of development during which the atomic consciousness is isolated from the consciousness of other beings.
  • The law of unity - all beings form a unity and that every being must realize its unity with all life in order to attain super-individual consciousness expansion.
  • The law of self-realization - every being must itself acquire all the qualities and abilities requisite for omniscience and omnipotence, that it must itself realize its divinity.
  • The law of activation - life develops through activity; that individual development is only possible through self-initiated activity of consciousness.

(List adapted from Chapter 3 of the "The Philosopher's Stone" by H.T Laurency.)

In the quote from "Esoteric Healing" above, D.K says that Divine Law limits the "lesser laws" which inhibit our evolution and by implication, enhances the "greater laws" and in so doing, increases our freedom. But what is freedom and what are its perils?

D.K speaks of disciples who having achieved a measure of soul contact, are able to free themselves from all external authority and to stand on their own two feet, distinguish truth for themselves and make their own decisions. But they can become enamoured of their freedom, and develop the glamour of their ideal of freedom such that they become prisoners of freedom. They reject all rule except the "rule of their own souls," forgetting that their contact with their souls is still intermittent. D.K, speaking about an individual disciple in "Glamour: A World Problem" says, "he demands the right to stand alone. He revels in his new found freedom. He forgets that, having given up the authority of a teaching and of a teacher, he has to learn to accept the authority of the soul and of the group of souls with which he is affiliated through his karma, his ray type, his choice, and the inevitability of the effects of the at-one-ment. Having relinquished the guidance of another person upon the Path, and having his eyes partially opened, he now seeks to tread that Path to the goal, forgetting however that he treads the Path in unison with others, and that there are certain "Rules of the Road" which he must master, and which he must master in unison with others. He has exchanged the individual law for the group law, but does not yet know that group law as it should be known. He marches on as best he can alone, glorying in the freedom from authority which he has succeeded in achieving. He promises himself that he will brook no authority or guidance".

The truth about freedom is that it is subject to law. In fact, freedom IS law. Freedom without law would be unrestrained activity, chaos and disorder and, as noted above, there could be no life. The greatest possible freedom can only be acquired by consistent and increasing application of the laws of life; it is only this way that individuals can become the gods they are.

In Libra we learn to balance material and spiritual law - the lesser law and greater law. The challenge is not to swing one way or the other but to take the great Middle Way, between the "two great lines of force" and maintaining the perfect balance or equilibrium that is required to tread the Path. It is the narrow, razor-edged path that runs between the pairs of opposites and which requires a finely honed sense of values to discriminate right choice at every step of the way. At first this balance has to be achieved on an emotional level, in the sense of right desire. Then, the balance to be achieved is of the mind, through the use of the "judicial mind" that weighs the merits of opposing points of view, but then decides. It cannot stay uncommitted, in some kind of "war-free" zone forever. Choice must be made for progress on the Spiritual Path to take place.

Esoteric astrologer, Alan Oken has outlined a few examples of the resolution of opposites for Librans on the three crosses of life - mutable (totally personality centred), fixed (awakening to the Soul-personality), and cardinal (the Soul-centred individual), as follows:





Urge for equilibrium

Perfect balance


Lust vs. force

Perfected love

Need for dominance

Winners and losers

Perfection of sacrifice

Personal relations

Interpersonal relations

Transpersonal relations

Totally egocentric

Myself vs. others

The One Humanity

Eye for an eye

Eye to eye

The Third Eye




(from "Soul-Centered Astrology" by Alan Oken)

It is clear that the issue for everyone in making the right choice is identifying the two great lines of force as they may not be what we think they are. For instance, the Tibetan said that war and peace are not true opposites; that peace and change, peace and movement, are the real opposites. Identifying the true opposing forces means seeing behind the outer realm to inner causes using the intuitive guidance of the soul. It is only there can we begin to choose wisely.

Lao Tse said that "the greatest revelation is stillness". We must achieve the balance, poise and stillness of Libra to enable us to receive a revelation of the polarities inherent in any situation and thereby resolve them. When we have learnt to do this, we can use the rule of law to become custodians of a positive righteousness and declare with Paul in Galatians 3:24, "......the law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ...............".

So as we gather together as one soul in meditation this Libran full moon, let us attempt to establish an inner equilibrium and silence and open out hearts to the revelation of God that will lead us between the two great lines of force and into the freedom of Divine Law.

With much love





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