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Love Is In the Air

By Glenys Lowery
May 2005

The keynote is

< I recognize my other self, and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow >

The full moon of Gemini, the last of the three major spiritual festivals, is often referred to as the Christ's Festival in the same way that Wesak is referred to as the Buddha's Festival. During these two festivals potent spiritual energies are released through the combined effort and co-operation of the "two brothers" that set the scene for the remainder of the year and empower the Hierarchy and humanity in their efforts to manifest God's Plan on earth.

The Festival of Goodwill (as the full moon of Gemini has come to be called) completes a release of energy that was initiated at Wesak. At Wesak, the Buddha transmits energy from Shamballa which the Christ, as Head of the Hierarchy, receives and holds in trust until the Gemini full moon when He releases it to humanity via the Hierarchy and disciples "at the coal face", the New Group of World Servers. In addition to the Christ and the Buddha, the energies of the great Beings referred to as the Spirit of Peace and the Avatar of Synthesis i overshadow the two brothers so that they are strengthened and inspired as they wield and "step down" these powerful forces so that humanity can use them. These four great servers, together with the Hierarchy, establish an alignment for the flow of spiritual energy into humanity, the utilization of which is largely dependent on the response of world servers and men and women of goodwill to the presented opportunity.

Tradition tells us that at the Gemini full moon, the Christ stands before the Hierarchy as the foremost representative of humanity - the God-man - the leader of His people, and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers", and enacts a sacred and solemn ceremony as follows:

- He recites the Great Invocation (and we are asked to make every effort to assist him in this work which is why the day of the Gemini full moon is also World Invocation Day where people everywhere join together to sound the Great Invocation continuously throughout the day)

- He gathers to Himself the invocative appeal of humanity and transmits it to Shamballa, continuing his intercessory, mediating role between the Father and humanity

- He recites the Beatitudes

- He repeats the last sermon of the Buddha, particularly, "Be ye lamps unto yourselves. Rely on yourselves, and do not rely on external help. Hold fast to the truth as a lamp. Seek salvation alone in the truth. Look not for assistance to anyone beside yourselves. Those who…shall not look for assistance to anyone beside themselves, it is they who shall reach the very topmost height! But they must be anxious to learn".

Clearly, the focus of attention of this festival is on humanity and we are told it will also become known as the Festival of Humanity, or more accurately, the Spirit of Humanity, as people everywhere:

- aspire to approach nearer to God
- seek to conform to the Divine Will to which the Buddha called attention
- dedicate themselves to the expression of goodwill (which is an aspect of love the Christ highlighted and of which He was the perfect expression)
- recognize the divine nature of humanity and its power to express goodwill, fellowship and establish right human relations (because of this divinity)

While at the Taurus Full Moon, the Father reveals His light (evoking intelligent co-operation) through the Buddha, at the Gemini full moon, He shines His Love through the Christ. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are also told that the greatest flow of pure love pours forth onto the planet at the time of the Gemini full moon. Most of us do not understand the true meaning and nature of love. It is not the desire to love or to be loved, it is not sentiment or emotion, it is not affection, it is not our sense of obligation to our "loved ones", it is not even our longing for our highest spiritual aspirations and ideals. Rather, we are told it is the impelling motive for manifestation; the energy that keeps everything in an ordered sequence and "bears all" on the path of return to the Father. The great hope of Love, which is also our hope, is that it "eventually perfects all that is" ii and it is the "power which must salvage the world" iii

Science and our own experience tell us that everything is constantly changing, mutating, adapting and growing through the experience of contacting everything else. Manifestation is nothing but a complex and ever widening progression of relationship - each contact resulting in an expansion of consciousness, not only for the life forms involved, but also for the collective whole. Not only is this caused by love, it results in an expansion of love as the ability to consciously embrace more of the whole increases. Thus, love perfects all that is by slowly but surely encompassing all creation in conscious unity until synthesis is achieved.

It is love which "impels Deity into action" iv - an action that was perfectly described by St John when he was moved to write the words that thrill so many souls, "for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son………". v

The Son is the epitome of love. Christ is the great Lord of love and Compassion just as the Buddha before Him is the Lord of Wisdom. So great is His love for humanity that He never left us but remains on earth in a physical body somewhere in the Himalayas where He pours forth His blessings to us every day - "daily He stands under the great pine in His garden at the sunset hour with hands uplifted in blessing over all those who truly and earnestly seek to aspire". vi So great is His love for us that He is making plans to reappear, at great personal sacrifice to Himself, in order to teach us more about the love of God which He has embodied and perfected.

It is interesting that the Buddha and the Christ are frequently called the two brothers as the constellation of Gemini is, of course, known as the esoteric twins, although the analogy ends there as the Gemini twins are often referred to as "forces in conflict". We are told that dual forces pour through the "quarrelling brothers" and once we understand these forces we will have discovered the key to resolving the duality of life.

"Resolving" is the key word as life would not exist without duality. When the One Life decided to manifest, the Cosmic Father and Mother appeared and their interaction gave rise to the birth of the Son and it is these three energies or principles that are the underlying cause of every appearance in form. The positive Father (Spirit) aspect representing Divine Will and Purpose relates to the negative Mother (Matter) aspect representing Divine Intelligence and Activity and their relationship creates a magnetic field that results in the Son aspect - Divine Love which is consciousness and soul energy as well as the energy behind evolution. The development of that consciousness and soul energy into the expression of perfect love results in the Christ, the full grown Son of God, and the perfection of God's Plan for humanity. In fact, Lucille Cedercrans says in Nature of the Soul, that "the combination or synthesis of Purpose, Evolution and Activity which will finally manifest as the Christ in outer expression, [is referred to as] the Divine Plan". vii

All that we see and experience can be reduced to the essential relationship between these two basic principles and the love and consciousness their interaction produces. Therefore, just like any relationship, it is the nature of the dynamics that determines its overall quality; the greater the degree of at-one-ment that is achieved, the closer the relationship is to achieving the ideal. This is one of the reasons why relationships are such a testing ground for us; it is because they are a shadow of the yearning the Mother and Father aspects have for one another and their desire to achieve their former state of unity. So as we strive to perfect our own relationships by growing in love and consciousness, we assist unite them. In this respect, we are the Son, the meditating principle, and it is our task to unite our parents and heal their estrangement. We do that by healing and resolving the estrangement within ourselves which we have inherited from our parents, by understanding and uniting our inner quarrelling brothers until they become the "Brothers who live in the Light". Gemini outlines the problem, explains the process that must be used to effect the necessary healing and gives us the technique to achieve it. No wonder Alice Bailey said Gemini, "is the force which produces the changes needed for the evolution of the Christ consciousness at any particular point in time and space".

It may be helpful to consider the mythology of Gemini for a moment as mythology always presents keys to assist us understand the divine energies and forces that impact on humanity. It was the Romans who named the twins of Gemini as Castor and Pollux; the names by which they are known today. In myth they are the twin sons of Leda, born in an egg after Jupiter, disguised as a swan, seduced their mother on the night of her wedding to the King of Sparta. Thus the twins were spawned by different fathers: Castor by a king, and Pollux by a god. Both were great warriors but Castor was renown for his skill in horsemanship (his name has been translated as 'horseman') and his talent for the arts, music and sciences, whilst Pollux was blessed with immortality, powerful strength and ferocity.

One day Castor was killed and Pollux, grief stricken, declared that he wanted to join his brother in Hades. Zeus took pity on them and allowed both to experience the worlds of Hades and Olympus, provided they shared their immortality by living alternating lives between heaven and earth. Later Zeus was said to set them side by side in the heavens where their light could be seen by all.

Of course, Pollux represents the immortal soul who sacrificed himself so that we could have life. While the symbolism of Castor and Pollux yields great riches in understanding, their story is repeated throughout the world's mythologies where the Twin represents some "other" aspect of the Self, a doppelganger in some way. Often the twin is the "evil twin", or one may be human and one semi-divine as in the case of the Gemini twins. One may be "civilized" and the other wild as in the Babylonian myth of Gilgamesh and Enkidu. There are the Roman twins of Romulus and Remus, and Amphion and Zethus of Thebes, the Mayan hero twins, Hun Hunahpu and Vucub Hunahpu, the Navajo twin sons of Sun and Earth-Mother, Danaus and Aegyptus of Egypt, and so on. Perhaps even more interesting for those who are spiritually inclined is that some commentators have even postulated that Jesus Himself was a twin, his brother being Thomas Didymus (meaning "Twin") or Thomas the Doubter or Contender as he is sometimes called. In fact, in the Book of Thomas the Contender, found at Nag Hammadi, Jesus refers to Thomas as his twin.

Whether or not Jesus had a twin brother is incidental to the underlying meaning of the symbolism of the archetypal twins which reveals fundamental truths and insights about human nature, and indeed, the nature of Reality. The central nature of these truths is that of duality, and Gemini reminds us that there are contradictory forces within ourselves which must be brought together and resolved by transmutation via the application of the energy of love.

It is not only mythology that reminds us of this duality. Literature throughout the ages frequently utilizes romantic and sexual imagery to describe the yearning for inner unity, such as in the Song of Solomon, the poetry of the Sufi mystics, and the romantic love of the troubadours of the Middle Ages.

One more recent example is Walt Whitman (an American mystic poet who happens to have been a Gemini) who in 1855 wrote the epic poem, Song of Myself, in which he describes his process of Self-discovery where the little "he", the specific individual, melted away into the abstract "Myself," so that he both encompassed and was indistinguishable from the universe. Whitman uses a great deal of sexual imagery to describe his identification with and eventual ecstatic union with his soul and the universal soul of which his own soul was a fragment. It is interesting that Song of Myself begins with an "I' and ends with a "you". It is as if he found that the secret to overcoming the duality in his life was to merge with the unity which underlies all creation. ix

This process is typical of a person who has taken a step on the Path of Return to the Father. Alice Bailey describes it in Esoteric Psychology, "he becomes painfully conscious of duality, of the pull of the world and of the mystical vision, of divine possibilities and personality potencies, of love in place of desire and attraction, of divine relationship instead of human relations. But this whole subject is still interpreted in terms of duality. Sex is still imaginatively in his consciousness and is not relegated to a balanced place among the other instincts of the human nature; the result is an almost pathological interest in the symbolism of sex and what might be called a spiritualized sex life. This tendency is amply exemplified in the writings and experiences of many of the mystics of the middle ages. We find such expressions as the "bride of Christ", the "marriage in the Heavens", the picture of Christ as the "heavenly bridegroom" and many such symbols and phrases. In the Song of Solomon, you find a masculine rendition of the same basically sexual approach to the soul and its all embracing life. These and many more unpleasant examples of a sex psychology are to be found, blended with a true and pronounced mystical aspiration and yearning, and a genuine longing for union with the divine." x

So while from the standpoint of the awakened soul, all is seen as duality - lover and loved, personality and soul, matter and spirit, black and white, good and evil - one soon discovers, through battling the pairs of opposites on the emotional and mental planes, that all dualities are aspects of the unity found in the Deity. Furthermore, one discovers that these battles are really a battle for dominance waged between the soul and the personality and as these forces are balanced, often over a long period of time, outer battles are resolved. Through the observation of the dualities playing out in their lives, disciples recognize the other self - the personality masking the true Self - and its influence and power diminishes as they identify with their true selves, the soul. As they "grow" and glow" a third dynamic is introduced to the equation ie the Middle Path, synthesis occurs, and the World Server is born, no longer pulled between the pairs of opposites. A realization takes place that there is no separation or duality, no I, or thou, but simply a God in manifestation whose nature is light" and that duality is just a stage on the evolutionary path that leads to unity.

Therefore, in Gemini the following progression takes place:

I serve myself - I serve my brother - I serve the One xi

The Festival of Humanity has become a time of deep invocative appeal and aspiration towards fellowship and unity. An outward sign of this appeal is that it is a time when the Great Invocation is sounded in meditation meetings, through the media, and in churches and temples and synagogues throughout the world as the day of the full moon is also World Invocation Day.

Gemini is said to control the etheric body so it is quite factual when we say "love is in the air". Furthermore, the etheric body is the intermediary between the soul and the personality and love is transmitted through it, not only to the disciple but also outwards to the world.

So as we sound the Great Invocation over the coming days, let us align with the Christ and Those who assist Him, and visualise the energies of love, light and power infusing humanity's etheric body and reaching people's consciousness. See them having a vision of world unity, goodwill, peace, and fellowship, not as distant ideals, but as a state that is achievable here and now. In particular, let us visualize the love of the Christ filling the hearts of people everywhere so they yearn for His Coming and lift their hearts and minds to the Father in an invocative appeal. Two thousand years ago, God showed His love for the world by sending us His Son. He did it then and He will do it again. His love for us is unchanged after all, and our need is great. But humanity must ask and we can assist open people's hearts to do this by using the Great Invocation every day just as the Christ does every day at sunset. This is one of the greatest services we can perform as disciples of the Christ and servers of humanity, and if we are not doing it already, what better time is there to start than on World Invocation Day?

At this time, may we make a special effort to join with each other, the Christ and the Hierarchy, as "Brothers in the Light" united by Love. And let us pour out that love to the Spirit of Humanity, lifting it up as we do so as a gift to the Father who "so" loves us.

  1. Avatar of Synthesis - A great cosmic Being who embodies the energies of Will, Love, Intelligence and another energy for which we have as yet no name.
    Spirit of Peace or Equilibrium - A cosmic Being who assists the work of the Christ by overshadowing Him with His energy. He works closely with the Law of Action and Reaction, to transform the present chaotic conditions into the opposite state in exact proportion.
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