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The Lighted Eye of the Bull of God

Barbara Valocore
April 2008

The first full moon of Taurus, occurring at 10:26 am UST on April 20, marks the great Festival of Wesak, the high point of the spiritual year and the time when the energies of light and love pouring into the center Humanity are especially and uniquely available for our use and distribution. There is also added significance to the Taurus full moon this year because the next full moon also occurs in this powerful and important sign, thereby increasing its influence at this time. It is not so unusual to have 2 consecutive full moons in the same sign, but when it happens, we can be assured there is meant to be special note taken of its purpose and significance.

Wesak is a widely celebrated spiritual festival. In the Eastern traditions it marks the birth as well as the death of the great teacher, the Buddha. In the esoteric tradition, it marks the union of the teachings of the East and West and the joining of forces of the two great World Teachers, the Buddha and the Christ. The principle of the Illumined Mind as embodied by the Buddha merges with the perfected Love of Christ and the great lighted and loving power of these two Beings pours forth onto the earth. The ancient legend of Wesak tells us that there is a great ceremony, a cosmic event on the inner planes, at which the Buddha, the Christ and all the Illumined Lives come together with single minded purpose to confer a deep blessing onto humanity and together release the "touch of Shamballa". This is the ceremony we celebrate tonight.

While we meet at the time of the so called full moon, it is significant because it really means that the full impact of the sun or solar energy reaches the earth completely unimpeded by the moon. It is the full solar light we experience reflected onto the moon and the full solar energies which are especially powerful and available at this time. Light is our theme and Taurus is the custodian of the "floodlight of illumination".

Let us pause for a moment, imagining this beneficent solar light, this floodlight of the soul beaming onto all of humanity and all life on earth. Imagine with the mind's eye the great Illumined Beings pouring out unlimited blessings and beneficent light on us so that we may in turn have more light to offer, that our own little floodlights should grow more powerful. Imagine the whole creation pulsating with Cosmic Light and radiant with joy. Let us say together the most ancient prayer known, the Gayatri:

O Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe
From Whom all things proceed
To Whom all things return
Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun
Hidden by a disc of golden light
That we may know the whole truth
And do our whole duty
As we journey to Thy sacred feet.

Taurus, that most fecund and earthy of all signs, is best known as representing desire, ambition and raw power in its personality or lower nature, and high motive, purpose and spiritual aspiration and incentive in its higher or soul directed manifestation. The famous teaching of the Buddha, the bringer of the Light of the East and the principle of the Illumined Mind, states that the cause of distress, pain and all unhappiness comes from desire and attachment, especially toward things of a material nature. In the earthbound or personality centered Taurus, one finds the epitome of the craving for and pursuit of earthly pleasures; desire for material well being, acquisition of money, possessions and often an over emphasis on sex. For the disciple or initiate however, the energies of Taurus impel one toward the spiritual life, foster an incentive to cooperate with the Divine Plan and to fuse ones personal will with the Divine Will. Full expression of goodwill and the will to good is the driving life purpose.

Taurus governs form and as evolution proceeds, forms become more refined, more beautiful and more appropriate vehicles for spiritual expression. The material substance that houses Life is constantly changing, mutating, adapting, growing and dying, and the Life principle, the soul, is always seeking a finer physical vehicle through which to express itself. Venus, the exoteric ruler of Taurus, comes into play here, bringing refinement, grace and the urge to beauty in all forms. Imagine the observing Hierarchy watching humanity develop complicated forms of rare beauty and sensitive expressions of music and the visual arts through its ingenuity and self directed intelligence. Humanity's response to the Taurian energies must surely be seen then as an appropriate and successful response to the soul qualities of lighted and directed will, but as we are well aware, nothing comes without a price and these triumphs of the human spirit are bought with the pain of deep struggle and hard work, coupled with the unflinching desire to create and grow.

Evolution proceeds through ceaseless struggle. The struggle to grow, to achieve, to prosper and to survive are all characteristic of the Taurus journey. Desire for simple survival dominates at a certain early stage eventually evolving into "the struggle of the hidden soul to dominate and control the outer form (and) the struggle to transmute desire into aspiration and aspiration into the will to achieve", as stated by Alice Bailey. It is no coincidence then that Taurus is called, "the sign of the major life incentive." Life seeks light, the soul must express light through the form, and the soul drives the form- making consciousness on to perfection.

Taurus is concerned with the divine will, with directed purpose and spiritual aspiration. The book Esoteric Astrology makes the remarkable statement that, "The entire secret of divine purpose and planning is hidden in this sign." It follows then that the energies manifesting through Taurus are related to Shamballa, the place where the will of God is known and Divine Purpose is formulated. Up until fairly recently, the Shamballa energy was considered to be too dangerous to impact humanity directly, so it was always "stepped down" and channeled through Hierarchy first. Apparently now however, because of humanity's rapid progress and a tested ability to handle challenge and growth, the Shamballa force is impacting humanity directly creating a potent triangle of energy flowing through the three planetary centers; Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa. Shamballa, the Peaceful Silent Will, embodies the purpose, the Will of God and the tendency to wholeness, synthesis and human unity. It fosters an awareness of the basic oneness of all Life and its innate cooperative tendency. And this "touch of Shamballa" is released now, at Wesak, the full moon of Taurus, urging us forward to a more complete and perfect cooperation with the purposes of divinity.

There can be seen today great movements toward cooperation. The United Religions Initiative, a global grassroots organization whose purpose is to foster understanding among different religions, has developed a model called "cooperation circles". These circles consist of members of 5 different religions who gather together to discuss and share their views toward the goal of mutual understanding and cooperative dialogue. Exercises on the "Art of cooperation" and appreciative inquiry are tools used by businesses, NGO's and countless groups with divergent interests seeking ways to work together harmoniously and constructively. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize winner and peace activist, is seeking ways to cooperate with China, the conqueror of Tibet, to seek a peaceful outcome to the difficult cultural problem of the Tibetan people. And surely the most prominent example of global cooperative efforts is focused now on the compelling issue of climate change, a crisis situation in which all humanity must work together to prevent mass extinction. Everywhere you look there are conferences on climate change and grassroots groups are working with local and regional governments to implement strategies that promote wholeness and the health of the whole planet and all its people.

It must be useful to consider these movements as evidence of humanity's response to the impact of the Shamballa force, to the will of God. The urge to synthesis and cooperation is manifesting everywhere, and at every turn people are expressing thoughts and ideas about wholeness and human unity. In regard to the Shamballa energy, Alice Bailey says it, "…will produce an understanding cooperation with the divine Plan and an enlightened fusion of the individual will with the great, divine will and this for the greater good of the whole." Isn't it inspiring at this special and potent time of the Wesak festival, the Taurus full moon, to reflect and observe the evidence of the growing spiritual energies and deepening cooperative spirit! If one looks through the lighted eyes of the soul, one can see that we are not mired in materialism and greed, although it certainly appears that way, but we are rather successfully responding to the most potent energy available to us in a way that harkens well for the future. Humanity is harnessing its collective will; political, social and spiritual, toward implementing programs and strategies for the good of the whole. The light of the East is revelatory of the light of the soul. "In that light we shall see light" and "when the eye is opened all is light."

Throughout the known history of mankind, the theme of light has dominated the thinking in all cultures and religions, and all people from the humblest to the most spiritually advanced have experienced, worshipped and pondered the idea of light. The topic is vast, ever present and at the same time mysterious. Living things naturally seek the light, are nourished by it and the sustenance of Life requires it. At this time of Wesak, we are celebrating the gift of light and Taurus, the custodian of the floodlight of illumination, is especially involved. The word of the Soul in Taurus and the phrase we will be working with in meditation is, "I see, and when the eye is opened, all is light", bringing to focus the themes of clarity of vision, illumination and an ability to see well and far into the future illumined by the light of the soul. It is through the soul the light is revealed and it is the soul that confers illumination through the Taurian energies.

In this keynote however, there is reference to only one eye, the single eye, the third eye most likely. In the discussion on Taurus in Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey, there is reference to the idea that the " 'eye of the bull' is the eye of revelation". The Bull of God is said to be rushing forward, rushing onward, and the ancient prophecy states that at some future time, "the light which shines through the eye of the Bull will be unimpeded." Surely this single eye is the third eye, the ajna center. This center directs the gaze of the soul, the inner light, outward into the world of appearances. It pierces through glamour and enables the indwelling consciousness to know the truth. This single eye of the Bull is the directed and lighted will, rushing forward, lighting the Path and letting nothing stand in its way, onward to the goal of illumination and enlightenment.

It is commonly known that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, the time when there will be group initiation, leadership by groups and emerging group consciousness. This is causing great turmoil in our thinking and in our ways of doing things. Collectively, we must learn to subordinate our personal desires to the will of the group and we must add our individual talents and ideas to the so called "group pool of thought", so that the group is enriched and strengthened. It doesn't at all mean that we lose our individuality, but rather that we use our individual gifts to enrich the whole. Cooperation will replace competition and compassion toward our fellow human beings will replace our individualized self centered behaviors. True brotherhood will manifest.

In the mid twentieth century, Alice Bailey wrote of the emergence of a new group, the New Group of World Servers. This group has no outer organization, no physical structure and the members are not necessarily known to one another. It occupies the middle place between humanity and Hierarchy and its purpose is to be the forerunner of the Christ and to foment goodwill and enlightened thinking into all of humanity. Members of this group are not necessarily studying the Ageless Wisdom, or any spiritual discipline, but they are always characterized by a synthetic outlook and an unshakable love for humanity. Much of their work is to influence human thinking and to condition the mental atmosphere of the planet with the ideas of the divine Plan of love and light.

Thinking about the new group of world servers and its work at the midway point between Hierarchy and Humanity is relevant here because the new group of world servers is energetically the ajna center of the planet, while Hierarchy is the heart center, Shamballa is the head and Humanity is the throat. This ajna center, this single eye, is governed by Taurus and Taurus is the sign ruling the new group of world servers. Imagine the whole group rushing forward with the united power of a single lighted eye focused through the fiery and loving will toward the goal of completion of the divine Plan of light and love. See the group motivated by a single minded purpose, cooperating with the Great Ones and serving humanity with a single lighted intention. Imagine the whole body of humanity radiating its light out into the universe to the glory of God and all creation. "Thus are the purposes of Deity materialized", Alice Bailey says, and the adage from the Bible, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light" reveals this Bull of God, the Taurus energy conferring the gift of the "touch of Shamballa."

As we meditate in united group service along with many other groups all over the world in celebration of Wesak, let us visualize this Peaceful Silent Will, this "touch of Shamballa" conferring the blessings of the Buddha and the Christ onto all life on earth for the Glory of the One and for the physical manifestation of the Divine Plan. This is our responsibility, this is our duty and this is our joy, our special wisdom.

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