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Invoking the Heart of Love

Barbara Valocore
May 2007

At the Gemini full moon we, along with many groups all over the world, are offered a powerful opportunity to participate in unison with the spiritual Hierarchy in the Christ's own festival, the Festival of Humanity, also known as the Festival of Goodwill. The aspect of this Festival we will be focusing on tonight is known most significantly as World Invocation Day.

The solar Festival of Gemini is a period of the dynamic release of spiritual energy into our planet. This energy, representing the fusion and synthesis of the three planetary centers, Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity, symbolically accomplished at Wesak, has been held by the Christ and Hierarchy in trust for humanity to be released now. This release floods the earth with blessings and love, with increased light and a tremendous inflow of the power of love, the "willful" love of Christ and His Ashram, Hierarchy. All life on earth; animals, plants, rocks and our struggling and humble humanity, are the recipients of this grace, this powerful goodwill energy.

The release of this awesome spiritual energy comes not as some random act of a loving and benevolent Hierarchy, helping to give us a better life, but as a rhythmic response under law to the cry of humanity. Hierarchy must respond, they must act on this demand, this invocation. World Invocation Day is a time when together, we consciously and deliberately articulate the demand for light, love and power through the use of the Christ's own mantram, the universal world prayer, the Great Invocation. And we can rely on the response; we know, beyond faith, that our demand will be met.

As we meditate, we will be participating in World Invocation Day along with many other groups all over the world who are saying the Great Invocation every 15 minutes and meditating at the exact time of the full moon. We can imagine this rhythmic pulse of love going out into the needy world, we can feel this group heartbeat chanting together. These groups are doing this as an act of service; they are voicing a united demand for illumination. Let us visualize these groups; in South America, in Russia, Europe and Africa, Australia, India and New Zealand, large and small groups in the US and Canada. Let us link with these our co-workers by saying the mantram we use at the beginning of the meditation:

I am one with my group Brothers and all that I have is theirs. May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them. May the strength which is in me, lift and aid them, May the thoughts which my soul creates, reach and encourage them.

Gemini of the air is the most potent and dominant constellation of the Mutable Cross. Its universal symbol is the twins and it rules everything about duality; matter and spirit, personality and soul, feminine and masculine, death and life. It rules all pairs of opposites and presides over the processes of destruction and building, of death and re-birth. It is the sign best known for being changeable, fluid, rapid and quixotic. Through ceaseless change and growth, Gemini reorients humanity for new ways, new thoughts and newer responses to truth. Demonstrating impermanence, it helps humanity learn to avoid identification with form and to handle the potent emerging energies expressing the Christ Life more abundantly. Form changes, life remains.

Naturally, the symbol for Gemini is the Twins. But these twins are not equal. One pillar represents the feminine mother aspect; form, matter and physical expression, but subservient to the other pole, the father aspect; spirit, soul, light and Life. The form, or pull of matter is waning and dying, while the spirit, the true life, is waxing and growing. Even in the actual constellation of Gemini, the twin stars, Castor and Pollux are doing the same. Castor represents the mortal brother and is actually waning in its light, while Pollux, the immortal, is growing brighter. The macrocosm and the microcosm, twin poles of the same great Life.

The word of the soul in Gemini is, "I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow". The soul recognizes the other, the waning self, the changeable form and personality, while the spirit aspect continues to strengthen and dominate, glowing and radiating out into the world. Through change and growth the unstable forms cyclically live and die. Through love and intention the soul directs the building of the newer forms more appropriate for the ever growing power of the Christ Life.

Gemini is dominated by the 2nd Ray and not surprisingly, ruled esoterically by Venus, making it the carrier of love and the embodiment of the truth that, "love underlies the entire Universe". In Gemini, we see that love permeates the etheric substance that surrounds us and interpenetrates us through the medium of the air. The air unites all life on earth and of course, Gemini rules the breath and the lungs. Esoteric Astrology teaches that the influence of Gemini lies behind every sign of the zodiac and rules all zodiacal pairs of opposites.

Let's pause a moment. Let's for a moment, feel this breath, listen to our own breathing. Notice how it rhythmically moves in and out. We don't think about this, it's involuntary; like our heart beating. Notice now your heart, the soft beat residing in the same area of the torso as the lungs. This too is the universal rhythm. As we breathe, imagine the essence of love moving through our bodies and flowing to all the extremities carried by the blood. Become aware of our hearts, beating and beating, pumping the blood all around, which as we breathe, is refreshed and cleansed by the air, the air permeated by the cosmic, ceaseless and unlimited love. Love rules the world. We are invoking love and light. We gather love out of the air, out of the ethers, by our lighted intention, by the power of our minds, by our glowing souls. Together, we are that much stronger and the container of our group can receive this intensified energy. We know it will find its place without our interference, it will be drawn to wherever it's needed. It is evoked by the need, by the call.

To invoke means to "petition for help or support", or "to appeal", but its essence really means to call. A call is loud and insistent, not vague or soft. A call, or invocation, demands response, an evocation, and is active and dynamic. It is compelling and cannot be ignored. Invocation is a rather large word with a common and universal meaning, it is an act with which we are all familiar. If we're honest, we see that from the earliest breath we take, we are crying out for something. Just like the lesser twin, expressing the form and Mother aspect, we seek the material necessities of life at first; mother's milk, warmth and safety and food. Then companionship, learning and understanding and material security. Later, as progress is made on the spiritual path and the needs of the personal and separated self lessen, the soul, the greater twin, gains ascendancy in the life, the motivations and the plans. The aspirant, prompted by the soul, calls for more light, more illumination and more love; not for him or herself, but for those in need. The motive is service and the method is invocation.

Gemini of the air takes us further and deeper into the heart, into the unending rhythm of ceaseless love. We breathe, pulsating and breathing forth the love emanating from the heart of the solar system, uniting us through the heart with the Cosmic Christ at the heart of the Sun. In regard to Gemini, the Tibetan teacher makes the most profound comment, This sign controls esoterically the heart of our solar system and thus controls the pulsation of life which sustains all that is. Gemini is, therefore, connected with the heart of the Sun.

In light of this comment, it is much more significant why it was the Gemini full moon that Christ chose as the time to release the Great Invocation for use by all of humanity. The Christ is the great revealer of love, the greatest example of love, and now, during this Festival of Gemini, we are brought directly into relationship with the heart of love. We willingly and consciously breathe love, into and out from ... into and out from the "pulsation of life which sustains us", the endless cosmic rhythm, the boundless cosmic heart. We invoke the energies of light, love and power for use by a needy and suffering humanity. We harness the powerful tool of invocation which links Humanity and Hierarchy in a conscious cooperative relationship based on service and the urge to synthesis. We respond to the inclination to express spiritual will; goodwill or the will to good, and distribute it for the benefit of others. We seek to blend our own will with the Divine will and to aid the Hierarchy and the Christ in their world work of salvation and redemption.

Today, as never before, humanity can see itself as a whole. It can recognize itself as One race inhabiting One planet. The idea of Humanity as One group is taking hold in new ways. The planet has become much smaller in recent years and with the new advances in technology, we can communicate with one another instantly anywhere in the world. The global crisis of climate change is uniting people and groups in new ways. The old way of doing things is waning, just like the lesser twin, and new and better solutions to new global problems are being sought. Human will and ingenuity in unison with divine will is "growing and glowing".

Because of this increased visibility, humanity is also able to recognize its "other self", its shadow, the waning twin. We can see how far we've gone into materialism and selfishness. We can see on the evening news, the day to day reporting of wars. We can see in our newspapers the starving and suffering millions of people. Denial is no longer acceptable and the need is clear. If we truly are One human race, we must recognize that we ourselves are suffering. We must invoke the power of our own souls, our greater twin, and become comfortable with glowing and growing in the light, in the universal love available to all. Solutions are found in the light and we need more. Compassion is found through the heart and we need more. The call goes forth.

Good will is God's will. This Festival of Goodwill brings us into a direct alignment with the will of God, just as Christ accomplished when he said, "Father, not my will but thine." In consciousness, we are one with all servants of humanity and Masters of the Wisdom, the spiritual Hierarchy. We are one with all the people all over the world who are rhythmically chanting the Great Invocation. The pulsation of intention and outpouring of spiritual love flows and glows out to all. And we are one with the starving millions and suffering homeless, sick and destitute.

The soul in Gemini "grows and glows" becoming more powerful with more light and more radiant with universal love as the form moves to its rightful place as a servant and instrument of the light and love seeking expression. Perfection of the love principle is the evolutionary goal, our evolution and all forms of life on earth. Through our cooperation and "will-ingness" to serve, we aid in the work of the Great Ones, the Masters and saints, the Christ and His Hierarchy, even the Planetary Logos. All is one great movement to glow in the light of the soul, to breathe at one with the Cosmic Heart.