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We are very fortunate to have Barbara Valacore, founder of The Lifebridge Foundation, as a guest commentator this month. You can read a brief bio on Barbara here.

Gemini Celebration 2005

By Barbara Valocore
May 2005

At Wesak we enter into a great silence in partnership with the Christ and Buddha. We reverently and deeply hold and guard the blessing of the combined energies of Will and Love/Wisdom made possible by the sacrifice of these two great Beings for the benefit of humanity. Between Wesak and the Gemini full moon, Christ keeps this blessing "in trust" for all of humanity, to be released and distributed, now, at His own festival, the Christ's Festival. This act of distribution, this giving by the Christ, showers all of humanity with the blessings of love. What a cause for celebration! Unlimited love and blessing breaking forth and pouring out to all the world and all life in it.

Let us join now, in brotherhood, with the many groups all over the world celebrating this Festival of Humanity and the Christ, and link together sounding the mantram: "I am one with my group Brothers and all that I have is theirs. May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them. May the strength which is in me, lift and aid them, May the thoughts which my soul creates, reach and encourage them."

The Festival for the solar month of Gemini has many names, the Festival of Goodwill, of Humanity, the Christ's Festival and of course, World Invocation Day, and isn't this fitting for the sign best known for being changeable, fluid, rapid and quixotic; the most potent and dominant constellation of the Mutable Cross. Through ceaseless change and growth, Gemini reorients humanity for new ways, new thoughts and newer responses to truth. Demonstrating impermanence, it helps humanity learn to avoid identification with form and to handle the potent emerging energies expressing the Christ Life more abundantly. Everyone knows the adage, "the only thing you can depend on is change" and most people balk at this, but in reality, think how dead we would feel if everything stayed the same?

Gemini also holds many levels of meaning. Its symbol is the twins, governing the familiar principle of duality and ruling the pairs of opposites. But these twins are not equal. One pillar represents the feminine mother aspect; form, matter and physical personality expression, but subservient to the other pole, the father aspect; spirit, soul, light and Life. The form, or pull of matter is waning and dying, while the spirit, the true life, is waxing and growing. Even in the actual constellation of Gemini, the twin stars, Castor and Pollux are doing the same. Castor represents the mortal brother and is actually waning in its light, while Pollux, the immortal, is growing brighter. The macrocosm and the microcosm, twin poles of the same great Life.

The word of the soul in Gemini is, "I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow". The soul recognizes the other, the waning self, the changeable form and personality, while the spirit aspect strengthens and dominates, glowing and radiating out into the world. Through change and growth the unstable forms cyclically live and die constantly building "new bottles" for the living wine of the Christ Life.

Celebrating this Festival of Christ's love outpouring, we find that the influence of Gemini lies behind every sign of the zodiac and rules all the zodiacal pairs of opposites. Also, only 2nd Ray energy pours through Gemini, not surprisingly ruled esoterically by Venus, making it the carrier of love and the embodiment of the truth that, "love underlies the entire Universe". Christ breathes infinite love, Gemini carries love to all, and we live in a 2nd Ray Solar system saturated by Love and Wisdom. We truly are at a love Fest !!!

In Gemini we experience the formless, the airy realms and everything mental. It brings us, through the dual mind, out beyond our earthly sphere into the far off worlds. DK says, "This sign controls esoterically the heart of our solar system and thus controls the pulsation of life which sustains all that is. Gemini is, therefore, connected with the heart of the Sun."

Gemini, the consummate air sign ruling the lungs and through the air, we breathe, pulsating and breathing forth the love emanating from the heart of the solar system, uniting us through the heart with the Cosmic Christ at the heart of the Sun. And then, via Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, the Spiritual Triad is revealed to the soul through the agency of the higher twin, the abstract mind, at one with the formless and ethereal.

Our universal twins take us even further and deeper into the unknowable, the Cosmos, and through this very evocative statement from the Old Commentary, Christ and Gemini are there at the highest point. It says, "Upon the golden triangle, the cosmic Christ appeared; His head in Gemini; one foot upon the field of the Seven Fathers and the other planted in the field of the Seven Mothers…"

The living cosmic Christ, united through Gemini with the mind aspect, in the highest place, the head center, with the Father, Shamballa, and through this same mind, this breath, we too are one in Christ, reminding us of the statement from the Bible, "Let this mind be in you which was in Christ." The blessings, coming through the ethers lighting and illuminating all of humanity.

As we celebrate in Gemini the Festival of Goodwill, the true marriage of love and will, we can imagine this tremendous outpouring of love energy traveling, with speed of course, through the etheric fabric of the planet and reaching all forms of life and available to all of humanity. This lighted mind, this Gemini nature is the vehicle for the growing Christ consciousness seen everywhere in humanity. We're told that the first expression of the Christ consciousness is the expression of goodwill and we know this to be true because of the countless movements, organizations and individuals dedicated to the redemption of humanity and the act of saving the planet. We know about the spontaneous outpouring of compassion toward our fellow suffering humans from the response to the recent tsunami for example, and the incredible growth of non-governmental organizations working for human betterment as well as the thousands and thousands of people who regularly volunteer. Goodwill is completely transformative, totally contagious and is the ultimate vehicle through which the Christ can reach humanity. And we can help.

A twin pillar to goodwill is of course, service. In the Labour of Hercules legend, the third test in Gemini is universally applicable to all of humanity, like the energy of Gemini itself, so we can spend a little time thinking about it together.

In the Gemini test, after he finally frees himself from the glamours and illusions of the astral and mental tests, and is finally on his way again to find the prize, the golden apples, Hercules is diverted once again by heart wrenching and painful cries; the cry of humanity perhaps? He discovers Prometheus, chained to the rock with vultures eating at his liver. Symbolizing the raising of energy from the solar plexus to the heart, Hercules frees his brother, stays with him during his healing and then continues his search, having now gained clearer sight and eyes looking outward with an inclusive love.

Finally, as he nears the sacred tree and the golden apples, guarded of course by a formidable monster and three fair maidens, our hero meets Atlas, bowed down with pain and intense suffering, struggling and groaning with the weight of the world on his shoulders. On seeing this, Hercules' heart breaks open completely with compassion and pity for this brave and stalwart giant. He is so moved, so affected by this sight, that he completely forgets his original mission, the task that previously had so blinded him to everything but himself. He rushes to the aid of Atlas, lifts the burden onto his own shoulders and then, the load rolls off, leaving both free! Atlas retrieves the apples and hands them, freely and easily to Hercules. Through service he triumphs, through compassion he saves and serves. The open heart, the underlying universal love and the unification of body and mind have been achieved, looking outward to the need and rushing in to help and serve.

We have many anniversaries to celebrate this year, this month in fact. 2005 is the 60th anniversary of the end of the Great War, that important turning point in the journey of humanity when a blow was dealt to the forces of materialism, the lesser twin. It is the 60th anniversary of the death of Franklin Roosevelt, the world disciple who enunciated the important document known as the Four Freedoms. It is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dag Hammarskjöld, the significant spiritual Secretary General of the United Nations who did so much to bring meditation and contemplation into the fabric of the work of the United Nations. And of course, we also have the 60th anniversary of the United Nations itself, that great experiment in human fusion and synthesis. Whenever I'm able to be in the General Assembly, I love to imagine the Avatar of Synthesis, guarding and guiding, standing behind the Christ who ceaselessly pours out the blessings of the highest center, the center where the will of God is known, onto the Assembly's deliberations.

But perhaps for us today, the most important Gemini celebration is World Invocation Day, the time of the release and distribution by the Hierarchy and the Christ of the blessing of Wesak. But this particular Gemini full moon is singularly important. It marks the 60th anniversary in 1945 when Christ "definitely and consciously took over His duties and responsibilities as the Teacher and Leader during the Aquarian solar cycle. He is the first of the great world teachers to cover two zodiacal cycles- the Piscean and Aquarian." Even these two zodiacal cycles are again reflected in Gemini as one fades from influence, the Piscean, and one grows in strength and potency, the Aquarian, again demonstrating the great unity of the universe, with love underlying the whole.

The New Group of World Servers is gathered for humanity, standing with the Hierarchy and the Christ to aid in the distribution of the blessing of Wesak. Our thoughts have moved beyond our little problems and tasks, our hearts have been cracked open by suffering and pain, and we join now with the countless groups all over the world praying for and invoking Light and Love, on this Festival of Humanity, this Festival of the Christ.

We prepare for our act of invocation now, and focus our group energies through meditation, pulsating and breathing in unison with Hierarchy and the Christ. We, Humanity, the World Disciple and the coming World Savior, rush to help lift the heavy load from the Masters and the Christ, and by our sacrificial acts of service, we too redeem and save.

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