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Transformation & the Spiritualization of Matter

Brad Berg
February 2008

Welcome, Friends, to this most special opportunity to participate in the unfolding transformation of life on this planet. After all, the eternal and incessant flow of cosmic energies, through all the planes and conditioning life on earth and throughout the universe, is always available to us and actually requires our conscious participation in order that the Divine qualities be fully expressed on earth.

Let us take a moment to gather ourselves together, in Silence…………

Before considering the unique qualities of Pisces, let's consider the basic process that we are aspiring to join. As most of you know, this group meditation for world service, at the time of the full moon, really has nothing to do with the moon. At the actual time of the full moon, the moon itself is behind the earth, out of the way, and the astrological energies flow into the solar system through the sun, unimpeded. It is really more of a solar festival, as at this time, it is the sun that is in alignment with Pisces, while the moon is in the opposite sign, of Virgo. So it is the qualities and energies of Pisces that are so potently available for us to work with.

As the energies of the constellation of the month enter the solar system via the sun, they then pass through the planets that are called the rulers of the particular sign - in this case, Pisces. The exoteric ruler, which is Jupiter, effects things at the personality level, while the esoteric ruler, Pluto, can condition us, at the soul level, as individuals and as the world disciple, humanity. To take it a step deeper, each planet is conditioned by one of the 7 Rays, which flow through the entire Universe, expressing the seven basic qualities of Deity. These 7 Rays and the 12 Constellations, in their myriad combinations, have their profound impact on all the kingdoms of life on this planet and throughout the universe. Everything in and out of incarnation is on - and expressing - one of these 7 Rays and this holds true not only for a person, but for nations, planets and even solar systems. It is said that our Solar Logos is on the 2nd Ray of Love and that this magnetic, inclusive energy pervades all life in the solar system and this is why it is said that God is Love.

We can see how, each year as the earth moves around the sun and comes into contact with the benevolent energies of each of the 12 constellations, slowly but surely, these Divine qualities are absorbed by individuals, groups, nations and humanity itself, until eventually, all that hinders the full expression of Divinity falls away, and we are some how and miraculously, able to fully play our role in the cosmic scheme. On a lower turn of the spiral, we see how, in incarnation after incarnation, for untold eons, we incarnate in each of the signs so that, after trudging along the evolutionary path with ever increasing aspiration and focus, we too build into our souls all the available divine qualities and become perfected human beings, which simply means, there is nothing left within the life of our personalities to hinder the full expression of our true spiritual nature.

Back to Pisces: The classic symbol for Pisces is the two fishes, denoting the soul and the personality, held together by the sutratma, or silver chord. In the early stages of the evolution of the individual, the soul is in the captivity of the personality and this is intended within the grand design. It is also intended that, emerging from the captivity of the personality, the soul will find its true and full expression.

Through its orthodox, or exoteric ruler, Jupiter, that force is brought to bear which brings all things together and relates the two fishes and binds them together in a functioning whole. The magnetic potency of the 2nd ray of Love, flowing through Jupiter, relates soul and form and brings the two together and is particularly descriptive of the activity of Pisces.

Initially, in the symbol of the two fishes the fish are linked, but then they separate, as the soul frees itself from the bondage of captivity to matter and control by the personality.

The personality as we know it dies and then can become the instrument of the soul. The soul detaches from the personality and reattaches to its eternal source, the Monad, or Self, as the soul itself is temporary, lasting until we have perfected ourselves, and completed the incarnational cycle. It initially leaves the Father's Home, experiences the eons of incarnational evolution, and having perfected itself, returns in consciousness to the Father's Home. Through this process of incarnation, and of Becoming, the soul spiritualizes the matter with which we come into contact, thereby fulfilling the role of humanity on this planet - the spiritualization of matter. This is presented in the first chapter of the bible, Genesis, which urges humanity to take dominion over the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, just as the planetary spiritual Hierarchy takes responsibility for guiding the evolution of the human kingdom.

From this role of earth stewardship, vested to humanity by our very nature, we can see how the growing awareness of the critical need to respond to climate change speaks to the very purpose of humanity's life on earth. The shift of focus, from selfish, material orientation, towards an awareness of our part in the scheme of things here on the physical plane, produces the necessity of caring for our planet, which is the physical body of the planetary logos. The shift of focus is a most potent opportunity for humanity to embrace and act upon the highest of spiritual ideals in a most practical manner. It is surely not always the case that God will save us if we simply avow a belief in the Godliness of life and being. It is up to us to act. We are known by our fruits. We have free will. We can continue in a supremely selfish, materialistic and separative way, or we can see the interconnectedness of life and live and act accordingly. This is our true heritage, our nature, and our responsibility. And thankfully, there are groups of people such as the Lifebridge Foundation that exist to help us see and manifest the interconnectedness of all life. Without such a vision and impetus, humanity will remain asleep at the wheel, lost in the malls of material miasma, polluting the planet and eventually destroying it. Thank goodness this task of Transformation can be aided by groups like this, all over the world, working subjectively and occultly together, to tune into the available energies and radiate them out into the world, so that this task of Transformation has the tools to proceed successfully.

In Pisces we have the fusion of soul and form, ultimately producing the perfected individual soul, the manifestation of the Incarnated Christ (who symbolically represents the perfected individual human being). Pisces, therefore produces the World Savior, who sacrifices his/her high position and opportunities on the higher planes, and comes down to earth to help release the life embodied in form and free it for a higher state of consciousness on earth. This is why people born in this sign, or strongly influenced by it, can be found serving humanity.

From an esoteric standpoint, moving deeper into the realm of the occult nature of energy, Pluto, the esoteric rule of Pisces, itself is governed, or, conditioned, by the 1st Ray of Will or Power. This cosmic energy, which can also be referred to as Spirit, The Father aspect, or pure Beingness, manifests as either a synthetic force, bringing together all that is needed to express the Will and intended Purpose, or, as a destructive force, bringing about the death of old forms, so that the new can be established. In the case of Pisces, its ruler Pluto expresses the destroyer aspect of the 1st Ray of Will. At this time of transition into the so called New Age, we can see how desperately the old forms need to go, so that new forms of living can be created, by us, to bring about right human relations here on earth. Pluto brings the destroying power of death - death of desire, death of the personality and of all which holds us between the pairs of opposites, in order to achieve the final liberation. Pluto, or death, never destroys the consciousness aspect but only the forms that limit the expression of the higher consciousness.

If we look at the nature of Astrology and the purposeful interconnectedness of the energies, we can see how it is no coincidence that the old forms are destroyed in Pisces, so that in the next sign Aries, we can be receptive to the will to initiate new activities and forms of living.

Accepting for a moment the tenets just outlined, we see the profound responsibility we have to turn away from our oh so important yet often petty lives, and make use of the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the process of the transformation of ourselves and our planet, by working consciously, in group formation, with the available energies. In fact, as human beings, we are always transmitting energy, every moment, through every thought, feeling, word and action. All energy that we use, in every moment of our lives, makes its impression on the energetic field around us and this cause, has eventually, an effect. Some may call this one of the laws of physics, while others know it simply as karma - the law of cause and effect. Being aware of this give us a profound sense of responsibility for the way we use our energy. It also gives us the possibility of making creative and productive use of what is available. And enough people working together with the energies available can, and will, transform our world.

Tonight, we can transmit the energies of Pisces, as conditioned by Pluto and the 1st Ray of Will in its destroyer aspect, and join with many, many others all over the planet, and on the various planes, thereby helping to irradiate the planet with the benevolent energies and facilitating the work of good will and the establishing of what the Tibetan Master Djwahl Kuhl calls right human relations. We also see, in Pisces, the will of God working out through the 2nd Ray energy of Love and that therefore, Pisces is yet another demonstration of duality - a duality that like all others, is ultimately temporary as our universe moves ever onward, back to the essential oneness of All.

Luckily, this flow of energies from the various cosmic sources in not random, and on this planet, there is a group of perfected and divine humans, called by some the planetary Spiritual Hierarchy, working mostly behind the scenes through their groups and disciples. The Hierarchy is receptive to these energies, works consciously and purposely with them and guides them through the available outlets such as groups like this, all over the world. This presents us with a most special opportunity to work occultly with others, with the goal of world service and planetary transformation. As we affirm when using the Great Invocation, "let Light and Love and Power, restore the Plan on earth."

Pisces gives us a fluid sensitivity, with a lower tendency towards mediumship and a higher tendency towards Mediatorship. As we evolve and the soul eventually becomes perfected, and we have come definitely into full soul consciousness, we no longer require the soul as mediator between spirit and matter, and we can deal directly with our true emanating source, the perfected Self, or, Monad. Spirit then manifests directly on the physical plane.

The motto that we are given for Pisces is: "I leave the Father's Home and, turning back, I save." The Father's House is what we might call the true and highest Planetary center, where the will of God is known. It is imbued with peaceful silent Will. Just as the kingdom of heaven, also called the kingdom of souls, or the Planetary spiritual Hierarchy, is the next level above us, so the level above that is the Father's House, called also by many Shamballa. In the new testament, we see many instances of Jesus telling people that he was going about his Father's business, that "greater things than this shall you do for I go unto the Father." So this leaving of the Father's House to save - humanity - is the essential function of the Bodhisattva. To turn away from those higher realms of Nirvana and the way of the higher evolution, and to turn the attention to the levels below, benevolently assisting humanity in it's evolution - it efforts to turn from the lower nature to the higher realms and possibilities.

The death of forms that lead to the release of the soul refers not only to the individual human personality that is limited by ego, but can also refer to the death of humanity's forms of living. It can refer to agricultural and farming techniques that deplete and poison the soil, which produce carbon dioxide emissions, and that are largely focused on profit rather than the feeding of all human beings. It can refer to the death of the forms of business and economy that promote the accumulation of resources and wealth for the greed of the few, rather than for the basic existence of all. It can refer to the death of educational forms that work by teaching the accumulation of facts for one's brain, rather than teaching the creative use of mind for the good of all. It can refer to the death of political systems, that accumulate power for the good of the few while constraining citizens and manipulating other countries, rather than using governance to promote right human relations and the emergence of a civil society.

The Keynotes of Pisces are given to us as:

  1. Bondage or captivity (the soul being the captive of, and bound to, the personality).
  2. Renunciation or detachment (representing what has to happen in order to allow the soul to fully express itself through the personality).
  3. Sacrifice and death (the means by which the old forms of the individual personality can be dispensed with)

In the Old Testament, there is the symbolic story of Jonah, who decides to not act on what his higher nature is being led to do and finds himself captive within the belly of the whale. Jonah stands for the hidden imprisoned soul and the whale is the personality. Jonah was presented with an opportunity to serve, as the soul, but was not yet capable of doing so. He then found himself immersed in the whale, cut off from the light, until he turned towards Truth and is freed from captivity within the personality.

Pisces is a sign of sensitivity, of instinctual feeling and in the early stages of the soul's evolution, the sensitivity is to the forces and ways of the lower emotional nature. Through renunciating our lower nature, by replacing self pity with compassion, by replacing selfishness with selfless service, the soul is released from the bondage of the personality and can then use the personality to fulfill its purpose. We might call this the final death, when Life is released from form. On a lower turn of the spiral, that happens at the end of each incarnation, when the life within the body is released from the form and returns towards its source.

The last 2000 or so years have been influenced by the age of Pisces and it is clear how humanity has overly focused on its selfish, greedy and material nature. The coming new Age of Aquarius will see a transition into group consciousness as we leave behind the old forms and create new and more meaningful ways of living in response to the increasingly powerful spiritual energies now at play.

The fluid, sensitive temperament in Pisces - mediumistic and psychically polarized - must be stabilized in Virgo, in which sign mental introspection and critical analysis become possible and serve to arrest the fluidity of Pisces. These two signs balance each other, and we again see that magical method of astrology, as Virgo is the sign opposite Pisces, yet the two work together in ways that serve to complete the whole.

Early on, in Pisces, the beginner upon the way of life starts with a material receptivity which will enable us to respond to all contacts in the cycle of manifestation. At this stage, we are negative, fluid and endowed with an instinctual consciousness which contains within itself the potentiality of the intuition. But the seed of the intuition is dormant. The mind which is the instrument of reception from the intuition is, at this stage, unawakened.

Again and again, we enter into the sign Pisces and find our way around the great wheel until the experience of change and of mutability and the establishing of the transmutation process carry our consciousness from the instinctual and intellectual stages to the faint beginnings of the intuitive processes. The human being at this stage has within the potencies and the characteristics of the indwelling Soul, but they are not manifesting and are only latent possibilities for we are as yet entirely controlled by our form nature.

Then comes a great process of polarization and a moment of transference, and at the final stage, Pisces stands for the death of the personality and the release of the soul from captivity and its return into the task of the world Savior. The great achievement is finished and the final death is undergone. "There is no more sea" says the ancient book, which means inevitably the "death of the fishes" and the release of the imprisoned life into new forms or new cycles of the divine Adventure.

Considering the greater design and scheme of things, the interlocking energies, the benevolent forces and the existence of those perfected Beings who use these forces and inspire those who aspire to join in the Great Service, we see that surely, there is a Plan. And with fiery aspiration, we can sense it, know our role in it, find our co-workers and act accordingly. Then, one day, we can say that our life is useful.

May we all make use of this great opportunity, and of this incarnation.
And may we all live, as the souls we truly are.

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