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Individuals and groups throughout the world meditate at the time of the full moon with the aim of serving humanity while also furthering their own development. The purpose of this website is to provide meditators and students alike with all the resources they need to participate in this process. Every month full moon commentaries written by long-time meditators will be presented a few days before the next full moon so that people can use them in their meditation. Suggested meditation formats and other resource material are also available.

We hope you find the material here useful to you as you unite and align with servers everywhere to utilize the energies available at the full moon to serve humanity.

Commentaries for the current full moon will appear during the three days preceding the full moon.
Please check the site nearer the time of the moon.

Water of Life am I poured forth for thirsty men.

The Aquarius full moon takes place on January 21 at 05:15:58 Universal Time (UT)

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Joann S. Bakula: Aquarius Letter
Steve Nation A Thirst for Reality

2019 Moon Chart

Find the 2019 Moon chart on the Lucis Trust website here

Please feel free to use and distribute the commentaries and other resources on this website.
All we ask is that you use them in their entirety and retain a note regarding the authorship.
If you wish to use extracts only, please contact us first.
This site was founded by the late Glenys Lowery.

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